Paige Grove, Staff Writer

The girls’ tennis team started their season on August 9th with 3 weeks of pre-season camp. The Knights had nine graduating seniors last season, so going into the season Coach Balluff had to get the team ready for Conference and for what was to come this season.

After their pre-season camp, the team took on Morris and won 4-3. The team made another Conference win beating Stag 4-3. It’s not just all hard work, head coach Mr. Balluff knows how to fun have fun and keep his team’s spirit up. Coach Balluff has team traditions. One of which is if a match is won 6-0 it’s considered bageling the opponent. Coach Balluff brings the team bagels to celebrate.

Also, the girls know how to have fun with each other. The team competes in Fun Fridays or Payday Fridays. The team plays all sorts of games in order to see who will take home the payday. The Knights will play Boilingbrook for their last match of the season. With all the team’s hard work, the girls should have no problem bringing home one last win.

Lincoln-Way Central’s students and staff are very proud of the girls this season Central knows they will bring home a win. What an incredible season it has been for the girls Tennis team here at Lincoln-Way Central. And many can agree that this team is hard-working, but no one knows that better than their Coach. “Being on the courts with this group of girls is the highlight of my day.”-Mr. Balluff.