Friday Knight Lights


The Knights back on the football field

Emmie Grove, Staff Writer

It’s that time of year, ladies and gentlemen. Football is here and your Knights football players are ready to be seen. The boys are focused on not only the physical part of the game but also the mental part of the game. They have trained hard, but they have also gone back to the more normal routine of the sport. Coming from a year of uncertainty and heavy situations, the team was able to rejoice together for the last few weeks on the field. Due to Covid-19 the boys have not been able to have the regularity of football in the previous season. Their previous season was last spring and there they didn’t hear the crowd of the Knight pride and they didn’t see many opportunities of playing. 

The freshmen players of the spring season did not receive the same season as players in years past. They spent their freshman year of their high school football juggling the every other day schedule of school, which has also never been done before. Head varsity Coach Cordell has seen his players in a defeated, more negative state of mind since Covid-19, and he wants them to know that this season will be bigger and better than last year’s season. In an interview, he told me he also believes that having a routine of school and practice has benefitted his player’s emotional state. Having this routine has given a sense of serenity to the minds of the young football players of the L.W.C. Knights. Establishing a schedule or system for a person can lead to a more positive mentality and the Knights are great examples of that. 

Coach Cordell has also been extremely thankful in regards to this new season because it has brought his players back together. The boys have become a team again and with this they have also become stronger individuals, that can take the lessons that they have learned on the field, off the field.