Six people to a table


Students eat lunch 6 to a table.

Cormac Gill, Staff Writer

Does excluding people aggravate you as much as it aggravates me? I think the rule about only allowing six people to a lunch table is unfair and goes against values that are taught here at Lincoln-Way Central.

Here at Central, Dr. Provis makes it clear how you should always be kind and try to be inclusive. With the unfortunate rule of six people to a table, this is not always feasible. I talked to Dr. Provis the other day, and he explained to me how according to protocols set by the state, Lincoln-Way Central feels that it is the best option to only allow six people to a table.

It is always sad when I see someone must get removed from a table. The reason is usually because they have one person too many. It always hurts the person and makes them feel very excluded. Dr. Provis says these types of scenarios break his heart when he sees them, too. This is because he cannot change the state’s mandates about social distancing with masks off. The decision of who to “kick out” of a lunch table can be very cut-throat, and many groups take it upon themselves to find fair ways to do something they don’t want to.  Personally, my table has a fantasy football league and the loser every week does not sit at the table.

This is not a common scenario, though. Usually, there is not a fun and fair way of making this tough decision. My question is why can we not be the first school to break the rules about distancing? Dr. Provis told me once the state allows it, he is going to open the flood gates. We can then return to our school’s former glory.

Lunch is an important time during the day for high school students. We socialize with our friends and decompress. Nowadays, high school is more complicated and stressful then ever before. So, kids need the social aspect in lunch more than normal. Students need this break to talk to their friends. This is not always possible though because it’s only six people to a lunch table. As much as I believe we should be the first school to start disobeying the states guidelines, and despite Dr. Provis wanting the best for us students as well, it’s just not possible right now.

“One has not only a legal, but a moral responsibility to obey just laws. Conversely, one has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws” – Martin Luther King Jr.