AP Tests

This has been a chaotic school year for everyone, and it is finally coming to an end. And with that conclusion, AP testing has come up. As with everything this year, AP testing has changed a lot from past years. This year, students had a chose to choose from inperson, which have just concluded, or to take the online test which is coming up. As well, while the test still covered the same material, this year students had only half the time to learn material due to our hybrid learning schedule which may have left some students feel ill prepared or rushed to learn material. “It was really hit or miss. The structuring was all over the place, but a lot of teachers were able to use that time well and brought it together,” a student said on how prepared he felt for his tests.  

Even with the short time, though, our wonderful Lincoln Way Central teachers were amazing at adapting to these unknown times. “I think all of my teachers dealt with this really well. They were able to manage time well, be supportive, help answer questions, and provide materials for studying.” We all appreciate our fantastical teachers and how much hardship they had to go through to make sure that we can have a successful year within these hard times. Thank you all LWC teachers for all you do for us! 

This chaotic year has finally come to an end and we have persevered through all the confusion. Congratulations to all students who took the in-person AP test and good luck for those who are taking it online. I hope everyone did well and had a fantastical school year!