The Forest

I had heard of the monsters. I had just never seen one. 

I walked through the dimming park engulfed in thinning trees and droopy bushes. The cool air bit at my face and I pulled my jacket closer. Winter was coming and that meant only one thing.  

The monsters.  

I passed the statue of the girl who disappeared years ago. According to legend, she was taken by a monster. The whole town believes it and I believe it too. When you’re surrounded by rumors every day, you start to believe it.  

A twig cracked behind me and a gust of wind hit my back. I heard light footsteps in the distance. Trees shook in the wind and a branched snapped from above.  

Shoot! The branch hit my shin and loose branch cut my leg open. I watched blood trickle down my leg and bleed onto my sock.   

I looked up and saw a long, black hand snaking down a tree trunk. The hand was covered in scales and was completed with long, dark black nails.  

It must have smelled the blood. 

I picked up speed until I was sprinting down the path. I saw a monster. It’s real 

I stopped on the edge of the park and took a breath. I needed to get home and walking was no longer an option. I need to get inside right now 

I felt something large grab my shoulder with a tight grip and turned around.  

I was met with a mouth full of teeth dripping with saliva. There were no eyes. The entire body was made of scales and had large, sharp spikes on its shoulders and back.  

Maybe they’ll build a statue of me too.