Protecting the wilderness

Madison Coglianese, Staff Writer

Now more than ever in history it is crucial to defend our environment because the devastation to the wildlife in America has endangered many species. Just over four years ago, there were many different laws in place to protect our ecosystem but, it quickly became clear that the greed out won the need to save our country’s environment. In a matter of four years, over 100 different laws enacted to protect and save our environment and national forests were removed. These actions made it far easier for big businesses to go onto once-protected land and look for natural resources. Some examples of the laws that were pulled back are: overturning the ban on hunting predators in the Alaskan wildlife refuges, withdrawing from the Paris climate agreement, withdrawing the legal justification that limited mercury emissions from coal power plants, and dozens more.

The effects of just these few withdrawals have had severe impact on our country. For example, withdrawing the hunting predators in the Alaskan wildlife has made numerous amounts of wolf species become a member of the endangered species list. People boast about how well the economy was doing for those few years but are overlooking the fact that the price we paid was destroying the place we inhabit. We can only use so many resources while not taking measures to protect the environment for so long before we become like we are treating the environment and join the circle of deterioration that we put our environment through. The sacred lands are being ruined by big businesses because they themselves never took any precautions into protecting our environment and instead of trying to adapt and fix the problem they will continue to ruin the few national parks we have left.


Without stricter environmental laws we will lose all national parks slowly to big businesses, more species will join then disappear from the endangered species list, and our future grandchildren will live in a country who has been so deprived of natural environment that they can hardly survive.