Did you know over 844 million children do not have an easy access to clean water? Or that it is estimated that 260 million children around the world cannot attend school? How about that, as of 2020, 385 million children live in poverty? For almost 75 years, these issues have fueled the mission of the UNICEF organization. UNICEF is global organization that is dedicated to solving the many humanitarian crises affecting children. Over 190 countries are working with UNICEF, trying to ensure a better future for children everywhere. Lucky for us, Lincoln-Way Central has recently joined the mission and started our very own UNICEF chapter.  

Before the start of the schoolyear, my good friend Vicki Tran had asked me and another good friend of mine, Grace Arakelian, to help her start LWC’s UNICEF club. From that day forward, Vicki worked very hard to create and lead UNICEFwith Grace and I by her side. When I asked founder and President, Vicki Tran, why she wanted to start this club, her answer held a powerful and important message. “I believe it is our responsibility to use our voices and our privilege to advocate for those who cannot,” she continued, “In a world where we agree on nothing, I think we can all agree that we want to make the world a better place for our children.”   

With the help of Mrs. Cannon, the three of us were able to host a very successful first meeting. Together, we hope to raise funds and awareness towards various causes and organizations. We are dedicated to educating fellow students of these issues and working together to help as much as we can.  I could not be prouder to be a Co-Vice President of this great club, and to see the many people that joined and are willing to make a difference. We hope to get more students involved in our mission, so we can increase the small yet powerful impact of our club.