Animal Volunteer Club


An adoptee at the NAWS animal shelter snuggles on a blanket made by an LWC Animal Volunteer Club member.

 In times of struggle—such as this year—it is important that we help those in need, including animals! If there is anyone who can fill this need, it’s Animal Volunteer Club. Animal Volunteer Club is a group comprised of each grade level at Central, and the group is full of people who absolutely adore animals. On a typical year, the students involved would take several trips to volunteer at local animal shelters, such as NAWS. However, with the circumstances this year, the club is more focused on creating projects that could be donated to the shelter. Students have made things such as homemade blankets while brainstorming several fundraising opportunities.  

Aside from fundraising, making projects, and volunteering, Animal Volunteer Club strives to make an impact on the club members, as well as the community. By joining the club, the sponsors hope that it will encourage students to further participate in community service, especially with animals. Participating in the group allows for members to feel a sense of accomplishment, while having fun! Sophomore Catherine Prabish, who has been apart of the club since freshman year, claims that volunteering with the club and at NAWS is a great experience. “When I’m there it genuinely doesn’t feel like work. Petting the cats at the end after the work is the most rewarding feeling in the world,” Prabish says. Many students will agree that while the shelter work may be tedious at times, it is always worth it in the end to be able to play with animals. Of course, volunteering with a club like this also allows for students to gain service hours that they may need to meet the graduation requirement. Animal Volunteer Club is a fairly easy and enjoyable way to rack up service hours. With many service opportunities cut short this year due to the pandemic, the club presents an option that may not be otherwise available. “I highly encourage joining the club,” Prabish also urges.  

It’s clear that Animal Volunteer Club presents several amazing opportunities that result in an enjoyable experience. For anyone who loves animals, this club presents numerous activities for them to engage in. As a service-based club that is extremely rewarding, Animal Volunteer Club is a perfect group to join at Lincoln-Way Central!