A very COVID Halloween

Charlotte Rohn, Staff Writer

We are in a very different situation then we were in last year. For one, we are in a new decade. Woohoo. But, along with that, we are in the middle of a pandemic. And we aren’t even talking “that one kid in my English class looks like he’s a walking zombie,” we’re talking “do I want to go to the store today and risk killing my grandparents?” Needless to say, Halloween is going to stink this year. But, I’m here to make it stink a little bit less. 

Let’s start with the main issues with Halloween this year. The usual festivities consist of TrickorTreating (in which strangers hand you food, which was pretty gross to begin with), having a party (a gathering of ten or more people), and bobbing for apples (do I even need to say anything?). So what can we do to celebrate one of the few inherently secular holidays? I have a few ideas.  

There is one thing you absolutely can safely do. Costumes! Be someone or something else for a night. There is no danger in having a little fun. So go all out. And no, I don’t mean wearing your usual clothes and saying you are yourself. It is not as clever as you think, boys. So, we have established you can and will wear a costume. Now what? 

My first suggestion is a bonfire. You can keep your chairs a safe distance apart. You can give everyone there own individual candy bowl so there is no cross contamination. Play a Halloween playlist and suddenly you’ve got something to do. It sound less fun than having a huge party, but there is nothing less fun then having a deadly virus! So, there is idea number one. 

My second suggestion is less safe, but I mean I can’t control you crazy kids so this is a way of lessening your chance of getting sick – you are welcome. Make your guest list selective. Don’t invite a friend of a friend’s boyfriend. Keep it small. And make sure nobody has any symptoms, but that’s kind of obvious. Keep in mind that this is only if you are absolutely going to have a party and there is no way you aren’t going to. Again, not a good idea to begin with, but if you must…

My third and final suggestion is to get a projector. Project a movie outside. Some scary movies and some individually wrapped bags of popcorn and you have a fun Halloween activity. And it is safe, so you can have a stress-free night of spooky movies.  

 But what are kids going to do for Halloween? I asked a friend of mine, Maya Ventura, what her current plans are. “I have a doctor’s appointment on Halloween, so at least I can show off my costume somewhere. Other than that I’ll probably just stop by my younger cousin’s house to see their costumes. I’ll most likely stay home and watch Halloween movies because, can’t really go out with COVID.”  

In conclusion, Halloween this year is not going to be the best Halloween ever. But hopefully, with these ideas, it won’t be too terrible.