2020 Presidential Election

Madeline Slepski, Staff Writer

At the start of our year, no one was expecting how the outbreak of Covid-19 would affect this year. Stressful times and a lot of time for people to think. With the upcoming election it has made a lot of Americans on edge, but this election is MOST important for new voters – like us. Many new voters fall under the category of eighteen-year-olds, other known as seniors in high school. At eighteen, it may be difficult to understand everything that is happening in our country, but it is essential for these new voters to educate themselves on the issues that are important to them.  

With the election right around the corner, many young adults question if they want to vote or not. Senior, Cameron Newkirk, weighs in his opinion on the option to vote: “Everyone should want to voice their opinion and have a say in their government.” It is important to take the time to educate oneself and put into play the right as an American to vote. Looking more into the future, this election will affect the new voters the most because it is their futures that are at stake.  

Many people gain information from other’s beliefs or bias, which is why you need to take this right to vote and look at it as a privilege rather than a chore. Take the time to research both political parties to see where your core beliefs stand. It may be helpful to watch our presidential debates, keep up with the news, and research the importance of each political party. There are even online polls you can take that will help you see with which candidate your core beliefs align. 

With the circumstances that this year has brought us, voting becomes more difficult for most. Still worried about the Covid-19 virus, many people will choose to not vote because of the fear of being around large groups when going into vote. Senior, Cameron Newkirk chimes in to express, “I believe this election will not be completely equal for any of the candidates because of the fear people have.” This becomes a big problem for both candidates.  

Many countries don’t have a say in their government, which is why as an American it becomes so important. In the next four years, eighteen-year-olds will be embarking on their careers, paying off student debt, starting families of their own, and paying taxes. Senior, Cameron Newkirk reveals his thoughts by saying, “The topics that appeal to me the most are taxes and minimum wage. I just recently began working and from my checks that I work hard for, a lot of the money that comes out of it is for taxes.” These are all major issues that are going to face young adults in their near future and thus highlight the importance of voting. Senior, Cameron Newkirk points out, “I am not registered to vote yet, but I am still planning on voting.” It is very easy to register, go online and type in Register to Vote. Take this election into your own hands and participate in democracy!