Athletics during the pandemic


Reilly Gericke

The LWC softball team practices while social distancing

Sports at Central have begun to practice and compete with the new regulations the IHSA has created to keep both athletes and coaches safe. Many sports have started to take place, such as softball, tennis, golf, dive, and cross-country, among many others. With the new regulations the IHSA has created, athletes and coaches now must maintain a six-foot distance and wear masks as often as possible as it pertains to their sport. 

      Athletes also must refrain from coming into contact with their teammates, which has proven to be very hard for many players. Freshman softball player Ava Wandersee  states, “During practice it’s been hard to adjust. We have to stay six feet apart and cannot come into contact with another player when we are used to giving each other high fives or standing in lines for drills.” Ava, along with many other athletes, feelthat although they are able to play, many of the restrictions prevent them from having a fun and successful season. Yet, athletes at Central are working hard to be successful in their seasons and bring home victory to the Knights. As John Wooden once said, “If we fail to adapt, we fail to move forward.”