Changes for the 20-21 school year

As the 2020 school year draws to a close, the prospects of the 2020-2021 school year at LWC are not only promising, but exciting. They are sure to spark an interest within the student body and create more opportunities for everyone. 

Students that are enrolled in AP credit classes and register for the AP exam will no longer have to take their second semester final! This is a massive change throughout the entire district and every AP student is grateful for it. AP testing is stressful enough as it is. A one-time test that determines if you will receive college credit is inherently scary. Having to take finals less than two weeks afterwards is even worse. This change will encourage more students to register and take the exams for the incentive of not having to take a class final as well as allowing students to have a greater focus on that test. 

Also, there have been changes to the curriculum itself. Next year, incoming freshmen will no longer be required to take Reading Seminar if high enough scores are met at the Junior High level, and a fourth year of gym will no longer be a requirement. These two decisions allow students a greater flexibility within their schedule, especially the freshmen who previously had to enroll in summer school or zero hour to take an elective. For the seniors, it will allow them to take another AP, art, music, food, or take another year of gym. This flexibility provides an increase in opportunity and the ability for students to better feed their interests. All in all ,the changes that will be seen at LWC next year and all around the district will increase the well-being of its students because it will increase the freedom, motivation, and choices of every student.