Best uncommon cafeteria snack

Students push their way through the crowd to get a tray for lunch. The lunch line grows longer as the hour passes. What makes the Lincoln—Way cafeteria such a huge success? I asked my fellow peers and investigated the cafeteria to discover which snacks dominate the lunchroom.  

The common snacks that tend to appear on lunch trays are the fries or the cookies, but are they really the most liked? Some students enjoy the uncommon snacks that the cafeteria has to offer, such as: the pasta salad, pizza puffs, hash browns, cheddar biscuits, and tater tots. Why are students so drawn to these rare food items? 

Lincoln-Way student, Charlotte Toosley swears by the hash browns because they are crispy and remind her of the delicious ones at McDonalds. Whereas, Coach Ward and Emma VanderWall agree that the pizza puffs taste like pizza rolls and have more flavor than the hash browns. While, Caitlyn Parish claims that the cheddar biscuits are very similar to the ones at Red Lobster. Personally, I enjoy the pasta salad because I usually do not get the opportunity to make it. The pasta salad has a great flavor with the Italian dressing and olives. It seems as if there is a connection to many restaurants with these foods. Why are these savory foods hardly available in the lunchroom? 

The fact that the tastiest snacks are uncommon is not ironic. People enjoy a break from the ordinary school lunch and these treats are great incentives. The snacks are delicacies that the cafeteria cannot serve daily since it is not made by the lunch ladies or delivered to the school often. The line is always much longer when these foods are out.  

It is always important to observe your surroundings and see what people are raving about. There is always an opportunity to try new things and welcome exciting tastes.