Madelyn Husenger

With most attention paid to sports, many other extracurricular activities don’t get as much recognition as they should. Sophomore Madelyn Husenger would like to change that. Madelyn has immersed herself in music since she was in fourth grade. She started to participate in talent shows at her elementary school and truly found her gift. One of her biggest influences is Mr. Bultman. Madelyn states, “Mr. B. has helped me to not only learn a lot about singing and music, but he has helped me improve and pursue my love of performing.” Once Madelyn came to Lincoln-Way Central, she began taking vocal lessons with Mr. Gregory Day. According to Madelyn, she is very grateful for all that he has taught her and the experiences he has given to her. At Central, Madelyn is involved in the Fall play, Madrigals, Yearbook Committee, student council and hopes to be in future shows with the Music Department. Being so involved, Madelyn admits that sometimes it is hard to balance extracurriculars, schoolwork, and her social life, but she tries to plan ahead for the week as much as she can to ensure that she is organized. Madelyn feels that she has truly found a home in the Music Department here at LWC and can’t wait for her upcoming endeavors in the next few years. Her closing note for underclassmen is to get involved in whatever activity sparks your interest!