Choices assembly

Everyday, the average person makes 350,000 choices a day. These choices are usually not very life-changing. Cereal or waffles? Take the bus or walk? Homework or TV? Although some can be inconsequential, other choices can drastically alter the course of a teen’s life, as proven by the recent choices assembly.

The recent assembly discussed how a single decision can change a teenager’s life: the decision to experiment with drugs. The first story shared at the assembly showed how a drug addict can affect his or her family and friends without even realizing it. The second showed how quickly choosing to do drugs can cause someone’s life to spiral out of control. The third showed how one choice, to experiment with drugs, can cause a healthy teen’s life to be cut short.

Weronika Kaczmarczyk, one student who was touched by the assembly, expresses: “Personally, I do believe it was effective, as the emotions of the women presenting affected everyone in the room, including me.” Hopefully, this assembly leads students to better consider their choices and realize how one choice can change their entire life.