In Love with Lover

Lover album cover

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“Lover” album cover

Taylor Swift has recently released her seventh album Lover. This album is somehow both drastically different and a natural transition from her last album. The opening song “I Forgot That You Existed” addressed the drama that was the focus point of her previous album, Reputation. It focuses on her forgetting the drama and the people who betrayed her during the “Kimye”incident. This song is able to shift focus from that dark part of her life into a new, happier era focusing on the positive relationships in her life. Often she writes about her relationship with The Favorite actor Joe Alwyn, whom she has been with for three years now. She had previously written about him in her last album as well in songs such as “Dress” and “King Of My Heart.” It makes sense that she would continue to write about him in her newest album that is actually called Lover. Songs such as “London Boy,” “Paper Rings,” and “Lover” all center around their relationship. The overall tone of these songs are far happier than those of Reputation.
Additionally, Taylor tries her hand in political pieces this album. Her second single “You Need to Calm Down” turned heads as she discussed sexism, bullying, and most importantly, gay rights. The line “shade never made anybody less gay” particularly drew attention. Some criticized Taylor for this, saying she was profiting off of gay people in an exploitive way. However, her video included many LGBT+ celebrities who evidently approve of the song and the message involved. Additionally, she linked a petition to enact the Equality Act in her music video on YouTube that would ensure LGBT+ individuals’ rights, such as not being discriminated against in the workplace. Furthermore, she donated $113,000 to an LGBT organization, quite literally putting her money where her mouth is. Other than this song, she wrote “Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Prince” which warns against blind patriotism. With lines such as “American stories/ Burning before me” and “American glory/ Faded before me” that demonstrate her viewpoint on the issues within America, despite the positive image people try to give it. 

Additionally, her song “The Man” discusses the sexism in the music industry and the media. This song was likely sparked by events such as the selling of her masters to Scooter Braun, who in the past has bullied her on social media with his clients Kanye West and Justin Bieber. She publicly called this deal her “worst case scenario” on her Tumblr. This song about how men are favored by the media has many connections to this. She talks about how people always believe men, saying “When everyone believes you/ What’s that like?” and “I’m so sick of them coming at me again” which relate to the media favoring Kanye West, Justin Bieber, and Scooter Braun when they bullied her. It also talks about how she is criticized by the media for dating so many different men when people such as Leonardo DiCaprio are just seen as “players” who are praised by others for playing the field. She has evidently decided to stop staying silent on injustices. These songs are a new type for Taylor who, up until recent years, remained silent on many issues. It was during the 2018 midterm elections that Taylor first became vocal about politics. She encouraged fans to register to vote and endorsed the Democratic Party. Although some dislike her new penchant for speaking up, many support her as she finds her voice. Former LWC student Brenden Delcorio praises, “It’s so good to see her standing up for what she believes in. Especially such important issues.”

Overall, this album is, in my opinion, one of her best. It is now my second favorite Taylor Swift album, trumping 1989, which had previously held the spot, in my eyes. It follows right behind RED on my list. LWC senior Alexa Jarek says that “the songs are so good on Lover!” The album contains highs and lows, perfect for so many moods. The song “Soon You’ll Get Better” is a depressing song about her mother’s battle with cancer. Sadly, many can relate to having a relative fight this battle, making this a real tear-jerker. In contrast, songs such as “Paper Rings” are so optimistic and happy that it leaves you feeling the same way. This contrast highlights the variety of songs on this album. There is something present in Lover for everyone. Taylor’s artistic abilities were put on display in this album that I highly recommend to all.