Movie review: Aquamarine

Synopsis (spoiler alert):

Aquamarine is a movie about two girls forming a friendship with a mermaid. Hailey (JoJo) and Claire (Emma Roberts) live in Florida by the beach. The movie takes place during the last week of summer for the girls. Hailey is upset because she has to leave her best friend and move to Australia for her mom’s job. Claire, despite living near the ocean, is frightened of the water. Claire’s parents died years ago on a boat. Claire lives with her grandparents who own a resort on the ocean. The grandparents hire an attractive lifeguard that the girls crush over all summer. The lifeguard’s name is Raymond and is played by Jake McDorman. One night the beach is hit by a terrible storm. When the girls wake up in the morning they find that the storm has destroyed much of the beach and pool. When they run downstairs to look at the pool, Claire falls in. Thankfully, Raymond is there to rescue her. However, when Claire is underwater she sees something suspicious, at first she thinks it is a shark. Later that night, the girls return to the pool to investigate the mysterious thing in the pool. Suddenly a mermaid breaches the water and scares the girls. The mermaid introduces herself as Aquamarine. The girls promise to return to visit the mermaid the next morning. However, the next morning the girls return to find that the pool has been drained. Fortunately, Aquamarine manages to escape. Aquarine discovers that on land she able to walk with feet. Aquamarine tells Claire and Hailey that her father is mad at her because she ran away from an arranged marriage. Aquamarine’s father does not believe in love. She asks Hailey and Claire to help prove that love exists so she does not have to marry the man her father wants her to. Aquamarine sees Raymond and insists the girls help her fall in love with him. At first the girls refuse, but when they find out they will receive a wish, if they help a mermaid, they accept. The girls hope they can use the wish to prevent Hailey from moving to Australia.

So the journey to help Aquamarine fall in love with Raymond begins. The girls only knowledge of romance comes from magazines. So the girls spend hours studying tips from them. Eventually Aquamarine is able to spend time with Raymond, but Cecilia (Arielle Kebbel), Hailey and Claire’s enemy, is constantly making attempts to try and stop Aquamarine and Raymond from getting together. Unfortunately, Aquamarine’s time with Raymond is limited because she only has three days to prove her father wrong; and everyday she must be careful to return to water at sunset, or else her mermaid tail will return. Every year the town celebrates the end of summer with a dance/party called the “Last Splash.” Raymond asks Aquamarine to the Last Splash. At the Last Splash they have a good time and Aquamarine hopes he has fallen in love with her. That night Aquamarine asks Raymond to meet her at the pier so she can ask him a question. The morning comes and Aquamarine asks Raymond if he loves her. Raymond replies no, but says he is still interested in getting to know her. Aquamarine becomes upset and suddenly Cecilia arrives and accuses her of being a mermaid. Cecilia pushes Aquamarine into the water; and Raymond is shocked when she has a mermaid tail. A storm begins to brew when Aquamarine falls in. Then, Aquamarine is pulled away from the pier by her father’s current. Hailey jumps in the water to save Aquamarine. Unexpectedly, Claire joins her. The girls reunite on a buoy and Aquamarine tells Hailey and Claire that Raymond does not love her. The girls are sad for Aquamarine and tell her that they love her. Suddenly the storm stops, and the waves are calm. Aquamarine realizes that Hailey and Claire’s love is enough to prove to Aquamarine’s father that love exists. The girls receive their wish, but decide to save it for later because they realize Hailey’s mother has worked hard to get the job in Australia. Raymond says goodbye to Aquamarine and says he would like to see her again, despite her being a mermaid. Hailey and Claire say goodbye to Aquamarine and tell her to visit them. Raymond thanks Claire and Hailey. At the end of the movie, Hailey and Claire say a sad goodbye to each other and Hailey drives away in a moving van.



This movie is a great example of a feel-good movie. It emphasizes the importance of friendship and promotes selflessness. The drama and romance makes the movie fun to watch. I have seen this movie many times, over many years; and I still enjoy it as much as I did the first time I saw it. Emily Kuehl who viewed the movie with me describes the movie as, “Absolutely breathtaking,” “cute,” and “the best love story.” Emily wishes she could give the movie 5/4 stars, but since that breaks the movie reviewing laws, she gives it 4/4.  We both agree it’s a movie worth watching!