Sports in Action

Being an active member of a sports team can offer many benefits as it enables people to work together and to also build strong friendships with teammates. However, playing a sport requires time commitment along with dedication. Some student athletes may find it challenging to find the time to balance both their academic studies along with sports.

Anna McMahon, who participates in Track along with Varsity Golf suggests that “those who struggle with time
management should utilize advisory time well in order to maximize work done.” Dominic Rodrigues, who does Varsity Cheerleading recommends that people should “make a to-do list prioritizing tasks and then set a time limit so you are forced to complete those tasks on time.” It is important to be organized and put in sufficient effort in both academics and sports. Sports work ethic can translate into school work since both require focus and concentration in order to achieve success. Anna believes she is “a naturally competitive person both in school and sports and constantly strives to be the best by working hard at practice and having the same motivation after a long day.” Rodrigues believes that “being dedicated and putting in time taught me that hard work pays off.” Coaches also play a vital role in both the learning and enjoyment of the sport. Anna says “ Mr. Shannon and Mr. Ward are both great coaches who inspire me to be the best athlete and student I can be they are inspirational both on the course and in the classroom and are admirable to look up to. Their kind words and humor keep practice fun and entertaining, however, when it’s time for a tournament the humor turns serious in order to be victorious.” Dominic states, “my coaches push me everyday to be my best which made me reach heights that I never thought I could reach.” Sometimes, prior to a big tournament or game, nervous tensions can arise. To combat the fear, Anna enjoys “talking to friends before a race or round of golf so I can laugh and smile to distract myself for what is ahead. Usually I am a very nervous person so I am sure to surround myself by positive and kind people.” Before a cheer competition, Dominic loves to “tell everyone that they got it and give hugs because it calms me down knowing everyone else isn’t freaking out.”

Although competing is what most people enjoy most about sports, there are many admirable aspects to each sport one can enjoy.  Anna says that her favorite aspect of golf is “the camaraderie between all the players since everyone is so different yet the good times seem to never fade. Everyone is friends with everyone so well all get along which allows for a fun and positive atmosphere on the course.” However in track, Mcmahon’s favorite aspect is that “you can create close bonds with individuals and friendships are easily formed.” Likewise in cheer, Dominic’s favorite aspect is “the bonds and memories that are made throughout the season.” Although golf and track are very entertaining and competitive sports, if Anna got the opportunity to play another sport she “would want to participate in tennis and soccer because they are sports I enjoy but never pursued as I got older.” Rodrigues would like to play “volleyball because it’s so fun to play especially with a big group.” Although having the ability to manage both sports and academics can be challenging at times, in the end, the rewards are everlasting as the friendships and memories last a lifetime.