How it feels to make the softball team

Charlotte Toosley, Staff Writer

How Freshman Jamie Widule feels about making Knights Softball:

“Never give up” Widule says after making the Lincoln-Way Central Knights freshman softball team. Jamie has played softball almost her whole life and she loves all the improvements she has made over the years. Widule plays on the New Lenox Power 16u. She truly enjoys the sport and is so happy to have the opportunity to represent Central in softball. I asked the athlete multiple questions about the upcoming season:

So how does it feel to make this competitive sports team?

It feels really good I was very excited to be able to be a part of it.

What was your least favorite part about tryouts and why?

The hitting, it was stressful and I didn’t know if I would do well like normal.

What goal do you have for this season?

To get pulled up to try and play with JV, I hear they only take very good athletes up, I want to try my hardest to get pulled up.

What position are you hoping on playing this season?

Shortstop, it is my favorite.

Do any of your friends play?

Yes, almost all my friends play so it is a great atmosphere to be around people who I know will support me and pick me up if I make an error.

How did you feel when they told you, you’re on the team?

I stopped being anxious and felt great.

What would you tell someone who unfortunately did not make the team?

Keep practicing there’s always next year, and if you work hard it will pay off.