Freshman badminton spotlight

Emma Platek, Staff Writer

Sophie Bruozas, Greta Baumgartnerand Karlie Fischer are three freshman student athletes at Lincoln-Way Central. These freshmen have recently been selected to be on the school’s badminton team. With a lot of activities and schoolwork to do, these Knights have a lot to do for the upcoming badminton season as they prepare to represent Central. They also all played more than one sport for Lincoln-Way, as Sophie was on the golf team, Greta participated in basketball, and Karlie played tennis. All three girls gladly responded about their sport and what they do in order to prepare for the season and games.  

 Badminton try-outs took place on the last week of February, and practices began shortly after. As all athletes know, try-outs can be nerve-wracking and a hard time, so I asked the girls what they did in order to stay calm. Karlie Fischer stated that “during the tryouts upperclassmen told me not to worry” and that “I was very good at the sport.” This leadership and respectfulness of the upperclassmen helped many students trying out learn to relax and have fun, along with trying their best and working hard. Sophie stated, Whenever I messed up with my swing or serve, my amazing friends were there to help me fix the mistakes.” Greta replied with a great response about how she “focused on what the coaches were saying and avoided goofing off with friends.” These young athletes show great responsibility and how much work it takes to make a strong and athletic player.  

 In order to prepare for the tryouts, all three girls went to all the conditionings, open gyms, and clinics they could to become the best player they could beBy going to all possible practices, they showed their very strong work ethic and dedicationKarlie has gone to all the open gyms and was coached from her sister-in-law, and from Coach Chevalier. She first started playing badminton in seventh grade gym class, and her inspiration was her sister-in-law who was a two-time state champion in singles, and when her sister-in-law started coaching her for high-school season she started to have a lot of fun with the sport. She said, “the sport is always fun because of all the quick reflexes you have to use.” Along with Karlie, Sophie also started the sport in seventh grade gym class, and wanted to pursue it in high-school, so she went to a summer badminton camp, and grew to love the sport. Sophie states, “My family inspired me to try out for the team, and thanks to them now I can play the sport that I love.” Greta first played badminton in physical education at Saint Marys, but she says that her older sister Jalyn really got her into the game.  

 All three students gave me some examples of what their practices and conditionings are like, and what they do for warm ups. They said that first, they begin with cardio warm-ups across the field house gym, and then they work on things such as footwork, serves, and hitting. For conditioning the girls did things like stair sprints and running through the halls of the school. Finally, they said that after working on drills and techniques they can get some games of badminton in.  

 All in all, the student athletes are very relieved and happy that they made the team. They are very excited for the upcoming season and can’t wait to make special bonds with the team and to play a fun competitive sport. Good luck to the badminton team, and the girls with becoming stronger and better as the season goes on! Go slay that birdie!