Work it!


Abby Malone balances school and her job at JC Penney

Many students feel the need to get a job while in high school. However, being involved in school activities and sports can make that very difficult. After school sports can take up a lot of time, especially when it is highly competitive. Student athlete Abby Malone says that “Having a job and playing a sport is hard to balance at times, but it’s important to communicate with your peers and coworkers and have good time management, and then it isn’t that bad.” Balancing your time is the biggest struggle many students feel. It’s already hard enough to have free time- with sports and homework, especially when you’re in many difficult classes.

Junior year is already hard enough, with standardized testing and AP classes, but as college requirements increase, students’ free time is lost. Colleges have started looking for more in students, wanting to see how well diverse kids are in their schools. Because of this, many students get themselves involved in as many things as possible. Endless
clubs and activities, along with committing to honors societies and sports. However, many students feel like this isn’t enough. Because of this, kids gets jobs on top of all their previous commitments.

Thankfully, most students find jobs with other students. Malone says about this, “JCPenney has a lot of high school students working there, so everyone understands what they are going through.” Being surrounded by students you can relate to seems to help people feel secure. Sports and jobs can make junior year difficult, but a positive
environment is great for stressed students.