Mama Mia

the musical movie you need to see


Synopsis – spoiler alert!

Mama Mia features a mother, Donna, played by Meryl Streep and a her daughter, Sophie, played by Amanda Seyfried. Donna and Sophie live on an island off Greece called Kalokairi. Sophie engaged to her fiancé, Sky, played by Dominic Cooper,  prepares for her wedding on the island. Her hardworking mother continually works on the hotel she owns. Her entire life Sophie does not know who her father is. While preparing for the wedding Sophie finds her mother’s old journal. This journal contains stories of her possible three fathers. Sophie is curious about her father so posing as her mother, invites all three of fathers to her wedding. When they arrive Sophie greets Bill, Harry, and Sam, played by Stellan Skarsgard, Colin Firth, and Pierce Brosnan respectively. The fathers are shocked to find out that Donna is unaware they are attending the wedding. Eventually, Donna finds out the fathers are on the island and she struggles with managing her past and current life. However she is comforted by her college friends Tanya and Rosie, played by Christine Baranski and Julie Walters respectively. Meanwhile Sophie’s fiancé is angry with her for inviting her fathers and Sophie struggles to find out her real father is. By the time the wedding ceremony occurs Sophie and Sky decide not to get married and see the world instead. Donna realizes that she still has feelings for Sam and Sam and Donna get married. Sophie makes peace with having three loving fathers and decides they will all play a role in her life.

Sequel Synopsis

Mama Mia Here We Go Again gives insight into Donna’s life as a young postgraduate through flashbacks. In the flashbacks Donna is played by actress Lily James. The movie starts on the island of Kalokairi as Sophie prepares for the reopening of her mother’s hotel. Donna has passed away due to an unknown reason. Sky is now in New York and taking hotel management course. Sky gets offered a new job in New York and he is reluctant to come back home. Sophie is angry with him for abandoning her while Sky is frustrated with Sophie’s attachment to her mother and the island. The movie weaves between young Donna meeting three men, which all could be Sophie’s possible fathers, and Sophie struggling with her mother’s death and finding herself. The flashbacks show the different qualities of young Bill, Harry, and Sam, played by Josh Dylan, Hugh Skinner, and Jeremy Irvine respectively. In particular the film portrays the heartbreak young Donna felt when Sam left her for the woman he was engaged to be married to. Sophie’s life parallels with young Donna’s life. A storm hits the island ruining the reopening of the hotel and Sophie feels as if she she has let down her late mother. However, Sophie’s three fathers attended the reopening party and Sky surprises Sophie by returning home. At the party Sophie’s basically non-existent, disapproving Grandmother shows up and decides she wants to be part of Sophie’s life. Sophie also finds out she is pregnant and although less fearless than her mother, feels the support of her family. The ending of the movie presents young Donna, baby Sophie, adult Sophie, and her newborn baby boy all at once.



I found both of the musicals to be heartwarming. They both promote the importance of family to the audience while also being entertaining. Emily Kuehl who viewed both of the movies with me describes the movies as “interesting, complex and yet lighthearted.” When asked which movie she preferred she stated “Mama Mia because of the plot and songs.” Emily gives 4/4 stars for Mama Mia and 3.5/4 stars to Mama Mia Here We Go Again.