Sports in action

Nicole Connolly plays volleyball for the Knights

Lauren Vaculik

Nicole Connolly plays volleyball for the Knights

People often enjoy playing sports in their free time in order to get in better shape or as a way
to relax the mind. Nicole Connolly, who is a member of junior varsity volleyball, stated that she “enjoys all
aspects of sports, such as being a part of a team, the game, the bus rides before and after the
game, and being able to play the sport she loves.”

However, Mackenzie Jarchow, who is a member of the varsity Rhythm Knights, loves the fact that poms has a fall and winter season. She believes that “Football season is much more relaxed and more for the fun football games and
pep assemblies, whereas competition season is much more competitive and serious. Both have perks, and it is fun to have both seasons to look forward to.”

But being an active member of a sport requires time management skills, as it is often challenging to balance games and practices with studies. Nicole suggests that people who struggle with finding the time to get everything
done “should not procrastinate and go on your phone because then you lose time to work.” Mackenzie believes in a similar approach.  She thinks “It is important to use your free time in class and advisory wisely. Every few minutes you can do homework throughout the day really helps when you have a busy afternoon.” Work ethic also plays a vital role in order to get things done efficiently. Nicole believes that “she knows how to get things done in order to be
successful both on and off the court.” For Mackenzie she “has to be very committed for success,” and uses this similar work ethic in all of her rigorous AP classes.

Coaches also play a key role in how enjoyable and memorable the sport can be. Nicole is inspired by her coaches because “they do their jobs and still [instill] the love for the game.”  Mackenzie looks up to her coach (Coach Geary) because she “always has a positive attitude even through the hardest practices, and she inspires me to continue working hard every day.”

Sometimes it may be nerve wracking prior to an important game or event. Some actions that Connolly does before starting a game is to “take deep breaths, wipe the sweat off my hands, and remember to play hard but it’s just a game.”  Mackenzie enjoys “purchasing a refresher from Starbucks as well as listening to music on the bus ride there.”

Although volleyball is a very enjoyable and competitive sport, if Nicole got the opportunity to play a different sport she would choose either “softball or badminton.” Mackenzie would try either “volleyball or track but can’t
imagine doing anything other than dance.”

Even though being a student athlete may be challenging at times, the rewards of being a team member and getting the opportunity to play for LWC is worth the time and effort because the memories will last forever.