Hallmark movies

Joey Skala, Staff Writer

Christmas is a time of year that most people get excited for. The preparation can range from simple decorations, to having music and movies dedicated to the holiday on at all times. Most channels on the television also get ready for Christmas by having specials and showing movies that everyone knows and loves. However, there is one channel that has gotten mixed reviews from people recently. The Hallmark channel has been popular during Christmas for a very long time, but people are starting to notice a pattern in its content.

Hallmark’s Christmas movies are a family favorite to many. Their “Countdown to Christmas” marathon is memorable, but so is the plot of every one of their movies. As you watch more of the movies, you can begin to notice a similar storyline in every single one of them. Along with a lot of repeating actors.

Most Hallmark Christmas movies start the same. There is a young woman who is too obsessed with her work, who takes a trip, either on vacation or to help her job. While on that trip, she’ll meet a man who has either a loving child or dog, with whom she falls in love. Even without the quick explanation, most people could probably tell you exactly the plot of most of the movies. However, the biggest question is: Does it work?

Some people are not a fan of the movies. Isabel Braico describes them as “the Walmart of Christmas movies,” and goes on to say that “Netflix is the new Hallmark” because of their new and exciting Christmas movies. However, Helen Rohn said, “I really like them. Even though I can always predict everything, it is a ‘feel-good’ experience for me.”

Overall, Hallmark movies are predictable and cliche, yet many people still love them. The “Countdown to Christmas” will always be a fan-favorite across the board, even when it gets boring to some.