Conference Champs despite change

Tennis is a sport that isn’t often at the front of many people’s minds. This, however, can’t be said for the quickly growing group of girls that play the sport for Lincoln-Way Central. Some players, who have been on the team for several years, found themselves having to deal with some changes they weren’t expecting.

Girls Tennis has always been a no-cut sport, but it was a surprise when a larger-than-normal amount of unexpected players went out for the team this season. Emma Rimkunas, a varsity tennis player for Lincoln-Way Central, says that although this many people joining encourages people to love a new activity and get involved with the school, it took awhile for resident team members to acclimate to the new environment. She says that she knew at the freshman open house, when more people had signed up than ever before, that the upcoming season would bring changes.

Some of the concerns that this influx of new team members created were minor, but nonetheless different than years past.  For example, tennis has always had more than enough uniforms for every girl to have her perfect size and enough bags for everyone to have one in good condition. However, when 20+ new girls joined, there was a shock for everyone when compromises in both areas had to be made. This also posed a problem with space, because of the limited lockers and actual courts to play on. Both coaches on the varsity and JV level worked their hardest to make the season enjoyable for everyone despite these obstacles.

Overcoming small issues, like court space and water duty, and bigger issues, like playing time, the team kept the common goal in mind:  represent their school and play a sport they love.  Through the team’s hard work, they became Conference Champions on both levels, an achievement that far outweighs any “growing pains” the teams experienced this season.