Star athletes, Grace Curran and Bri Bolden are headed to their fourth state tournament. In their final year at Lincoln Way Central, the girls are more determined than ever to bring home the state title, one more time for the knights. Their golfing career all began when Bri was five and Grace was eight. Bri’s grandfather had a very positive influence on both of their golfing careers and lives. Throughout their time at Lincoln Way, they feel they have both grown not only as golfers but have matured and improved their attitude. When asked their favorite golf memory Bri said, “It was an amazing experience going to state and doing well, but the best part was to see my grandpa there to support me. It was really special.” Both girls agreed that State was a memory that they will never forget from their high school years. Another thing the girls agreed on was their favorite memory from Central, in which they both replied as singing Ain’t No Mountain High Enough at their final Homecoming pep assembly. When they’re not on the course, they both enjoy spending time with family and friends. Next fall, Bri will be attending University of Missouri to pursue her golfing career as well as her degree in nursing. Grace will attend the University of Minnesota and is eager to golf with different, skilled golfers from around the country. Although excited to start a new chapter of their lives, both Bolden and Curran are sad to see each other part ways but hope to play each other in the seasons to come. When playing in difficult conditions Curran suggests, “Try to talk to your teammates. It gives you a whole different experience when you get to know the girls and play with them.”  Bri and Grace’s final advice to aspiring golfers and students is to, “Soak in the time you have at central. With only four short years here, it goes by way too quick, so have fun while it lasts.” Lincoln Way Central is very grateful to have been able to claim Bri and Grace as their own. We wish them good luck at their last state tournament and while they prepare for college. Lincoln Way is all behind you ladies!