LWC Footbal honors faculty & staff in appreciation night


The staff honored at appreciation night attended the game wearing the jersey of the player that honored them.

Luke Juricek, Staff Writer

Friday, October 5th was a big night for Lincoln-Way Central. The football team, going in 4-2, was taking on Champaign-Centennial High School, 2-4. The game was a big deal for the team, as win number 5 earned them play-off eligibility. However, the big game wasn’t the only major event of the night. It coincided with Staff Appreciation Night, honoring the faculty and staff of the school some of which were chosen by the players of the varsity football team to be honored at the game. Pictures of players and their chosen staff member were taken the day before the game and staff members were honored on the field after the first quarter of the game. The night holds great significance within the school, as head football coach Jeremy Cordell says, “It’s very important to acknowledge teachers and staff for all the great things that they do for students, for student athletes, for football players, for our program. They really watch out over our students, and not just teaching on a daily basis, but with the time investment and the care that they give, and just the attention that they give to all of our students.” When asked who he would choose as his teacher to honor from his high school days, Coach Cordell responded, “There would be two people. One was one of my coaches. He was also one of my teachers, just a great guy. Wrestling coach as well, tough- nosed, very disciplined, but cared a lot about his players, just a great guy. And the other guy was also a staff member, coach, same type of thing. A good teacher and coach will give you the shirt off their back and, you know, hold you accountable, but they’ll do anything for you.” As a staff member as well, the night serves great significance to Coach Cordell, as well as the rest of the staff.

It also holds great importance with the team, too. When asked which staff member he chose and why, running back Joey Gurgone answered, “I picked Ms. Gansauer because she’s so nice and my favorite teacher, and she was so supportive of me when I transferred here.” Gurgone, a transfer student from Providence Catholic this year, has enjoyed playing for the varsity football team and his early experiences with the awesome Lincoln-Way teachers. When prompted with the same question, Linebacker Jackson Poirer responded, “Mr. Waddell and Mr. Fetherling. They have both taught me a lot about life and how to be a good person, and I’m very grateful for all the things they have done for me.” In a great night capped with a 28-0 victory over Champaign-Centennial, the phenomenal staff of Lincoln-Way Central were praised for their great work within the school and community. Their work and dedication for the students of the school (often unseen) plus incredible efforts to instill good habits among students were acknowledged in an annual event, but really, they should be celebrated every single day.