Study tips

Studying can sometimes be difficult, but with the correct strategy, anyone can do great on a test. For example, if you simply glance over the material, the information may not stick. Instead, if you take notes and go over the information again and again, you will do better on the test because you will remember the information. A good studying space would be a quiet, focused environment where you can play music and study without any distractions. A bad studying space would be loud and full of distractions, such as watching television or talking to someone while studying.

If your test is a few days away, study each day, even if for only 15 minutes each day. The information can be remembered better. If there are long words you have to remember such as the scientific method, think of acronyms. For example using the scientific method, you can remember HOT CAR which includes all of the steps.

When studying, sometimes it helps to check if you are understanding the information. Someone else can help ask questions and use flashcards. Another great way to study is to use Quizlet. With Quizlet you can study and quiz yourself, even play games to remember the information.

It is important you find your learning style. For example, if you are a visual learner, draw pictures of the terms and definitions to help your memory. If you are a verbal learner, use an app such as Google Translator to input your terms. Then you can listen to the terms and remember them better. You can also have someone help teach you.

While studying for a test is considered difficult, with the right strategy you will succeed. If you practice the right steps you will remember the information and do well on the test. A final studying method is helpful if you are studying a textbook. Flipping through a textbook can be tedious and annoying, but it doesn’t have to be. Take notes and make flashcards to study later. Studies show writing in blue ink can help you remember what you write as well. If you use these tips for studying and continue using them, your grades will improve and your test scores will be better.

Ms. Korczak, teacher, said, “Review the material and encode the material, that takes the material from short term to long term memory so you remember it,” is the best method for studying. Grace Ansburg, student, announced, “The best reason to study is so you do good on a test and overall improve your score.” Ms. Korczak also said, “Studying should be made a top priority because the practice of studying doesn’t go away. Even in college or jobs, it helps you become more educated with your information. You will use this skill for the rest of your life.” Grace Ansburg said that studying should be a top priority due to the fact “…it will help you succeed on the test and better understand the material.” Grace Ansburg concluded by saying, “When studying, don’t listen to music with lyrics in a language you understand. It will only distract you.” Ms. Korczak’s tips for studying are, “Don’t wait until the last minute and find your best learning style. For example, if you are a visual learner, look at pictures and draw diagrams.”

If you need help with studying, Lincoln-Way Central has a wide selection of tutoring and extra help. For example, you can visit the Writing Center in C126 for help with writing papers. There are even tutors for math, located in E-wing. In B-wing you can find the science and biology tutors. Be sure to study and stay on top of your work!