Methods of a mathlete


Johnny Joyce prepares for a Mathletes competition.

Johnny Joyce is a starter for the Junior Mathletes Team. The team is coached by Mrs. Parker, Dr. Baran, and Dr. Babich. Recently at a competition this year, the team set a new school record, an impressive score of 702/750. Johnny’s favorite topic is Algebra because it is very easy to check your answer and you know when you’re right. He is very confident this year, and aspires to be a valuable asset for the team.

Johnny’s favorite part in participating in Mathletes is doing what he loves, which is math, and competing with his teammates. He claims that Mathletes is a fun way to expand your mathematical skills and that it will help in class, standardized testing, and help with transcripts for college.

There is an upcoming competition, SWSC 2, taking place at Lincoln- Way Central at 6:30 PM on Wednesday, October 17th. Johnny will be competing in this event, and he plans to prepare. His favorite way to prepare for a competition is to make his own problems and solve them because if you are able to make a problem, that exemplifies proficiency in the topic.

In conclusion, Johnny is looking forward to outsmart all of his opponents this year in Mathletes. Watch out for this sensation because he is bound to achieve many outstanding tasks this year. He also has advice that can be applied to anyone, even if you’re not in Mathletes. He suggests that you should do all the practice assigned in math class and don’t overthink tests. Usually your first answer is your best answer, unless you are sure there is a reason otherwise.