A day in the life of a student athlete

In order to get insight on the life of a student-athlete, specifically fall sports athletes, I have interviewed a member of the LWC Rhythm Knights Dance Team, Mackenzie Jarchow, and a runner on the LWC Cross Country Team, Kylie White. Throughout my interviews, I gained the perspective of these student-athletes, hearing the advice that they would give, the lessons they have learned, and the highlights of their high school careers.

Mackenzie Jarchow is a 2-year Varsity Rhythm Knight (sophomore and junior year) with 1 year on the JV team as a freshman. In my interview, I had the chance to ask Mackenzie about the best times as a Rhythm Knight:

1) Q: What is your most memorable moment throughout your high school years on the RK Team?

A: I’d say the most memorable moment had to have been when we qualified for state. That feeling of knowing that all of your hard work had finally paid off, especially alongside my best friends, was the best feeling in the world for me.

2) Q: Which season is the best? Football or competition season?

A: Probably football season. I do love competition season, too, but football season is more relaxed and less competitive. Nothing compares to watching our football team front and center on the track and a view of our energetic student section.

I also got to interview Cross Country runner, Kylie White. Kylie has ran all 3 years in highschool on the freshman, sophomore, and junior teams. Likewise to my interview with Mackenzie, I got to ask Kylie about her highlights of the sport:

1) Q: What is your most memorable moment throughout your high school years as a cross country runner?

A: The pasta parties with because all of the team levels come together and create the best team bonding experience.

2) Q: Which meet has been your favorite over the past few years?

A: The Will County Invitation because it’s not just running the races like every other event; all of the mascots race each other and dance. All of the schools participating come together and laugh and have fun. It’s a great experience.

After learning about the highlights of each sport in the eyes of these athletes, I also got to interview these girls about the great lessons that they have received from playing these sports. Mackenzie had a lot to say about the importance of trust and connections with your peers:

3) Q: How has RK helped you grow as a person?

A: Just being a part of a team has taught me so much. From dancing, I have taken away a good work ethic and I appreciate the ability to work for a common goal that’s bigger than myself alongside my team. I’ve grown to trust my teammates and myself.

4) Q: How have you applied the lessons you learned in RK to school?

A: Well, I apply a lot about the idea of trust and work to things like group projects. I know I must be held accountable for my role in the group and give the best effort, not only for myself, but for my classmates as well.

Kylie White brought up lessons of leadership and priorities in her responses:

3) Q: How has cross country helped you grow as a person?

A: Running for such an amazing team has taught me a very important lesson about being a leader for my peers in each aspect of my life, whether that’s in sports, school, or a future job, etc.

4) Q: How have you applied the lesson you learned in cross country to school?

A: A part of being a leader is organization and communication. I know I need to organize my goals and priorities. I’ve learned that school comes before sports, always. I know now that I have to communicate with my coaches that I need to focus on school if i’m going through a period of a lot of stress, especially now being a junior.

Both girls have shown the great impact being a student-athlete has on their everyday lives. It’s important to see the amount of maturity gained without the loss of fun through the immense participation in all aspects of school. We, as the students of LWC, must appreciate this view on sports, and activities in general, as a huge role in our high school careers.