Behind the scenes:

LWC Homecoming 2018


Bella Battistoni

Elected Representatives Allie Twohig (left) and Emily Kuehl (right) representing Student Council at the Homecoming Parade

In general, Homecoming increases the morale of all students at Lincoln-Way
Central. From the spirit days, to homecoming olympics, to the dance itself;
students of all grades look forward to homecoming week from the day school
starts. However, not many students know how everything comes together. Many of the
decorations throughout the school, the theme of the dance, and the spirit week ideas are
brought to the students by Student Council. In order to understand more about the
process of preparing for homecoming, I interviewed two student council officials,
Allie Twohig and Emily Kuehl.

  1.  Where do you get inspiration for the themes?
    Allie: We like to get ideas from other students and build off of them.
    Emily: Then we like to take polls on what they think the best idea is.
  2. How long does it usually take to decorate?
    Allie: This year we put a lot of extra effort in to it and it took around 5 hours, not to mention the time before making cutouts.
    Emily: Yea, cutouts usually take a few extra hours.
  3. Do you enjoy it?
    Allie: I think it’s fun to see the end results as well as decorating with your friends. We can really tell the spirit of the school is elevated because of the decorating.
    Emily: It’s nice to see that people really appreciate it
  4. What effect does it have on the general attitude of your peers?
    Emily: I think it really just energized everyone and makes them excited for homecoming.
    Allie: If we didn’t have any decorations, I don’t know if it would feel the same or as special.
  5. If you could choose the theme for next years theme, what would you choose?
    Emily & Allie: Jungle.
    Emily: That was supposed to be the theme, but it ended up being East’s
    theme instead.
  6. If you had an unlimited budget for homecoming week, what would you add and/or do?
    Allie: I would love to do a bigger balloon drop or some cooler lighting in the AP room would be nice.
    Emily: I think I would do glitter cannons or some lights leading to the dance.  Also having food at the dance would be awesome.