From Barcelona to New Lenox

Carla poses outside her host family's home in Mokena, Il.

Lauren Vaculik

Carla poses outside her host family’s home in Mokena, Il.

Sophie Bruozas, Emma Vander Wall, and Emma Platek

Carla Pons-Moreno is a foreign exchange student from Barcelona, Spain.  Her hosts are the Bruozas family.   Carla agreed to be interviewed about her experience in the United States thus far:  

Carla poses outside her host family’s home in Mokena, Il.
  1. What made you want to become an exchange student?
     Carla: I want to learn English and a new culture.  
  1. How did you adjust here?                                                                                
    Carla: At the beginning it was a little bit hard because I didn’t understand all things, but now it’s better.  
  1. How does Central differ from Quatre Cantons in Barcelona?
    Carla: Very different. They don’t have lockers, there are different classes, you can go home for lunch. Central is a much larger school.  
  1. What do you like most about the school and America?
    Carla: The lockers, good fast food in America, and the people are very nice. 
  1. What is a custom you find odd?
    Carla: The pledge of allegiance, we don’t have this in Spain.  
  1. How is the student body accepting you?
    Carla: They are welcoming, helpful, and nice.  
  1. What is your favorite thing about Spain?
    Carla: The food.  
  1. What sports or clubs do you plan on doing?
    Carla: Track and SADD club.  
  1. How has your host family made you feel at home?
    Carla: They have been very kind, fun, and Mrs. Bruozas cooks good food.  
  1.  What is your new favorite food place in America?
    Lauren Vaculik
    Carla: Steak and Shake.