From Barcelona to New Lenox

Carla poses outside her host familys home in Mokena, Il.

Lauren Vaculik

Carla poses outside her host family’s home in Mokena, Il.

Carla Pons-Moreno is a foreign exchange student from Barcelona, Spain.  Her hosts are the Bruozas family.   Carla agreed to be interviewed about her experience in the United States thus far:  

Carla poses outside her host family’s home in Mokena, Il.
  1. What made you want to become an exchange student?
     Carla: I want to learn English and a new culture.  
  1. How did you adjust here?                                                                                
    Carla: At the beginning it was a little bit hard because I didn’t understand all things, but now it’s better.  
  1. How does Central differ from Quatre Cantons in Barcelona?
    Carla: Very different. They don’t have lockers, there are different classes, you can go home for lunch. Central is a much larger school.  
  1. What do you like most about the school and America?
    Carla: The lockers, good fast food in America, and the people are very nice. 
  1. What is a custom you find odd?
    Carla: The pledge of allegiance, we don’t have this in Spain.  
  1. How is the student body accepting you?
    Carla: They are welcoming, helpful, and nice.  
  1. What is your favorite thing about Spain?
    Carla: The food.  
  1. What sports or clubs do you plan on doing?
    Carla: Track and SADD club.  
  1. How has your host family made you feel at home?
    Carla: They have been very kind, fun, and Mrs. Bruozas cooks good food.  
  1.  What is your new favorite food place in America?
    Lauren Vaculik
    Carla: Steak and Shake.