Finals don’t have to be a ‘knight’mare

Freshmen, finals don’t have to be an awful thought! Our school has many helpful people and opportunities to make our finals less stressful and easier on us. For example, our school is held a final exam review night on November 28th for freshmen.  Teachers from each academic department answered common questions, passed out final review packets, and discussed what is to be expected on each final.
If you were unable to attend this event, during the month of December teachers passed out review packets in every class. Never be nervous to seek extra help or come in early or stay after school for extra help; in the end it will only help. Our school offers a Math, Writing, and Science center during all advisories, so never feel nervous to get help because there is a high chance someone has the same question as you.
We are all in the same boat, finals do not need to be stressful always start studying sooner than later, most teachers have review kahoot games in class as well. There are many ways to study; freshman year is a great year to experiment and find out what technique of studying is best for you.  Any freshman Reading teacher is a great source to ask for study tips and tricks.
In the end, just try your hardest and do not blow off studying – finals are important for all of our grades and as 20% of your semester grade, they can make a great impact on your final semester grade. The night of finals do not freak out for the next day – just pretend it is a normal school day.  Get a good night of sleep and eat something good for breakfast so your blood sugar will not crash.  Manage your time well during your tests and be respectful of everyone else if you finish early. Study hard, and finish the semester off strong! Good luck.