Test Prep

Chloe Kasper , Staff Writer

The PSAT was given here at Lincoln-Way Central on October 11. These test are important for your future so it can be overwhelming when trying to study. You may also feel that there is no time in your day whether you have sports, clubs, homework, or all three. So here are a few tips to studying for these  exams to apply in your next go-round:

First, one of the most essential things is taking care of yourself before a test. Sleep is one of the most important things because, “Towards the end of a typical night of sleep, the brain gets its chance at rejuvenation, this is crucial for learners because the brain solidifies all that was taken in the day before and clears out old, unnecessary memories to make room for new information.”   So getting a good night’s sleep will help you remember information you have been learning.

Also, make sure you add a light and healthy breakfast to your morning routine. This will give you energy and actually helps mental abilities. Next, teens tend to get stressed out and try to cram or memorize everything the night before the test. One source says, “Don’t worry about memorizing. The PSAT is based off of knowledge you should already know from your high school classes. The PSAT wants to see what you can work with on the spot with the information you’re given and what you already know.” Cramming or trying to memorize every last formula right before the test is not going to help, it’s just going to stress you out more. Make sure to start studying at least a week before the actual test.

Lastly, along with a determination and a positive attitude these tips will be your highway to success.


Information from:  https://info.methodtestprep.com/blog/bid/100690/How-to-Study-for-the-PSAT-the-Right-Way