Transfer students:

adjusting to a new school

Coming into a new school is never easy. New people, new teachers, new classes – just about everything is different. As I became a transfer student of Lincoln way Central last year, I was not sure what I was getting myself into. Being able to get used to change is different for everyone.  Gladly, I survived my transfer student experience, and I was interested to see what the experience is like for others.  I had the privilege to interview five new incoming transfer students. These students are: Christian Kowalski, Luke Pearson, Mike Burke, Emily Izzo and Savannah Mitchell.  Throughout the interview we had the chance to engage in stories and experiences we have shared at the school. Here are a few questions and responses:

  1.  As an incoming Lincoln way Central student, what were your worries or concerns coming in?

“Central is a bigger school, getting used to not knowing people and having to meet new people was a concern.”
–Luke Pearson

2.  How is Central different from the school you came from?

“At Andrew, phones are always allowed and students had Chromebooks, so this was an adjustment.”
– Christian Kowalski

3.  How did the school help you adjust to the changes you encountered?

“The ambassadors really helped me get around to my classes and made sure I knew where I was going.”
– Emily Izzo

4.  What are some positive experiences you had at central so far?

“There are a lot of friendly people here, and I’ve made really good friends through joining sports”
–  Mike Burke

5.  Do you feel that your transfer had changed you in a better way?

“Not quite yet, it is too early in the school year to be able to tell.”
– Savannah Mitchell