Making a difference:

Lamb’s Fold Women’s Center

Bethany Kratochvil, Editor

Two weeks ago, a group of students, namely Bethany Kratochvil, Samantha Jurvich, Riley Mclaughlin, Kaeleigh Kreis, and Kelly Newton, decided to make a difference. Inspired by the actions of the Women’s March, the group decided to take action within the Lincoln-Way community. With the help of Mrs. Pehle and Ms. Brady, the group came up with the idea to start a fundraiser for a local women’s shelter called Lambs Fold Center. Lambs Fold Center shelter helps women who have left abusive relationships by providing them a safe space to live, job training, and general means of getting back on their feet and is based in Joliet. ¬†However, it also gives aid to¬†women and children who are in the Lincoln-Way community. Throughout a week’s period, the social science department ran the fundraiser and by the end of the week reached monumental earnings. Altogether, the students of Lincoln-Way pitched into the fundraiser and earned a total of $1212.75, an extremely high donation. We humbly thank every person who was kind enough to put in any form of donation towards this incredible cause, and encourage everyone to consider the immeasurably big impact the donation will have on the shelter. And as a reminder, never be afraid to stand up if you want to make a difference in the lives of others.