Psych Bowl

The second annual Lincoln-Way Psychology Bowl took place Sunday, April 23rd at Lincoln-Way West and hosted stiff competition. Students from East, Central, and West formed teams of their classmates to participate in the tournament which also functioned as a review for the AP Psychology exam. The event was hosted by a group of Psychology teachers who are passionate about the material they teach as well as their students’ success, which created an academically supportive yet enjoyable atmosphere for those involved. Two teams faced each other, playing with a Scholastic Bowl style buzzer system and earning points to propel them to the finals. Questioned spanned from the topics of psychological approaches to disorders and everything in between, ensuring only the most prepared teams seized the championship. Ultimately, Central’s Pink Freud placed second in a grueling match against West’s Circadian Orange. The event concluded with congratulatory remarks and pizza, and left all of its participants with a strong understanding of their strengths and weaknesses prior to the AP exam. Amidst stale textbooks and dull study sessions, a bit of contest proved to be a study motivator for the students involved.