Cows. Why do we have them? Not sure. Where are they getting their funky outfits? Hmm. What’s the motivation behind them? These are all great questions that are probably on the minds of many LWC students.

The “cow hallway” is home to our two cows that were donated to the school by a charitable organization in 2000. Some students from other schools may think they are strange, but most people at LWC have become accustomed to the animals. What many students have recently found more interesting are the cows’ various hats, scarves, and other decorations.

Surprisingly, whoever is behind it just wants to put a smile on the daycare kids’ faces. Every day on their walk, the daycare ladies joke with the kids that maybe one day the cows will be replaced by a different animal. This gave a certain staff member an idea. To see the cows wearing clothes always brightens the children’s day, and the staff member feels it is such an easy way to make kids’ daily walk more exciting.

This teacher wishes to remain unidentified in his or her quest to spruce up the cows. While the Lincoln-Way staff member is very elusive, there are some hints as to who is behind it. A few of the items the cows have been sporting may be used as clues. Students wishing to get to the bottom of the mystery should consider that someone who has a great sense of fashion must be behind it, or else the cows wouldn’t be so well dressed… When we spoke to this person, he or she was unaware that the high school students were noticing the changes to the cows. Since learning this bit of information, the teacher has become more motivated in making the cows interesting. However, decorating the cows poses a few challenges. Since the teacher wishes to remain hidden, he or she needs to be sneaky on entering the display. Also, it is difficult to access one of the cows, because it is blocked by the first cow, who is very festive and easy to reach.

Despite the challenges, this teacher continues to keep both the babies and the high schoolers intrigued. Next time you’re on your way to English class, swing by the “cow hallway” to see them wearing whatever item the teacher finds next.