Preparing for AP tests

helpful tips from senior AP students

Shannon Farrell, Staff Writer

With the AP tests swiftly approaching, many first-time test takers have some apprehensions about what to actually expect and how to effectively study. There are plenty of ways to get inside information about what AP tests are actually like, but what better way is there than hearing advice from the AP veterans themselves? Here are a few great and helpful tips from some senior AP students on test-taking strategies and studying:


“Form study groups with your AP friends because they will probably understand some of the concepts you need help with. Just make sure they are friends that will actually study and stay on task.”

  • Olivia Smith


“Watch Crash Course videos for studying some condensed material in a short amount of time.”

  • Jacob Jablonski


“Listening to music without lyrics to distract you; that’s something that helps me immensely. I like jazz or classical because then I’m not tempted to sing lyrics that distract me from what I’m reading or doing.”

  • Bethany Kratochvil


“If it’s a vocab-based test, make sure you definitely review the vocab for at least a month; it really does help with memorizing them.”

  • Hibah Dacheh


“Use whatever materials offered to you. If teachers give you optional review stuff, complete it and ask questions about it. Also, the workbooks with practice tests in them really help.”

  • Riley McLaughlin



These helpful tips are just a few of the ways a student can get started on studying for the approaching tests. Make sure to listen to the announcements for school-ran review days in preparation for specific tests. AP testing will begin May 1st and end on May 12th, good luck to everyone!