The return

The revival of TWIRP was bound to be something spectacular for the whole school since the LWC Student Council decided to bring back the traditional dance in lieu of the newer and more singles-friendly Winter Fest. More couples went this year as opposed to the groups that went last year. The turnout was excellent and everyone clearly enjoyed themselves. MONSTER Entertainment did an amazing job and was wildly more popular with students. The new DJ played more songs in their entirety and less remixes, which proved to be quite a smart choice as everyone seemed to enjoy the music. Attire was similar to last year’s in that many people opted for black even though it wasn’t the theme this year, an additional similarity with Winter Fest was many girls chose to wear converse, flip flops and even crocs, going for a more casual look. Overall, TWIRP’s return was nothing short of an absolute success and everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves at this much improved classic event.