The Chicago Auto Show

An amateur’s point of view

The Chicago Auto Show can be a dream for many people. For only $9.00 you can sit in, touch, and even drive millions of dollars worth of cars. From Volkswagen to Lamborghini, all of your favorites are right there to view and experience first hand. Even though you cannot sit in some of the higher end cars, for most car lovers, just seeing them is enough. Though this may seem like a dream come true, it can be extremely confusing for those who do not excel in the car field, like me. So here is my experience:

Walking in and seeing cars from wall to wall can be a bit overwhelming. Not knowing which car is which while being dragged around by someone who knows all about these cars is very confusing. As we entered, I noticed how sleek, and almost futuristic it all seemed. The displays looked like they had come straight from a film. Everything was clean, and there were people running around with dusters and brooms in case the slightest finger smudge had missed their inspections. Around every corner was a new car display, with new ladies in fancy blazers and men in fancy suits. There are also a few test tracks for which you can stand in lines for hours on end to be a part of, which I found a bit bizarre.

The pure amount of people there was mindblowing to me. Why would so many people come together just to look at cars? People were sitting in cars, touching cars, buying cars, and just bonding over cars. I did enjoy that part, being a natural people-watcher myself. Having so many kids running around and understanding the importance or the combination of numbers and letters better than me, was admittedly degrading. It was amusing and annoying to see families bickering over how one truck looked over another, but it was overall a fun experience.

The Auto Show was a bit of an overload on the senses, everywhere you turned was a new set of fancy cars and people competing to get into the car they wanted. There were little kids who knew more than I will ever know about cars. But overall, there is much fun to be had at an auto show.