World Language Honor Society inductions

Language skills have become increasingly important in a world of mixed cultures and ethnicities. Colleges love to see dedication to a second language and in many careers, it is a useful skill. Studies have also shown the benefits to both the brain and memory in students who study foreign languages. The Lincoln Way district offers a variety of languages and many students take at least 3 years of language in their time in high school.


Recently, the language department held a breakfast in the Knights of the Round Table room to honor the students who have put forth great effort in their foreign language education and have been inducted into their respective societies. The French, Spanish, German, and Mandarin Chinese honors societies were each represented by their faculty representative. The meal was catered from Tear Drop Café. Dr. Provis gave a speech pre-induction congratulating each student on their accomplishments and hard work in achieving acceptance into an honors society. Each teacher representative recited the induction pledge in their respective language while the students stood up and eventually responded with words of acceptance to their society’s leader. Each student was also awarded a certificate to commemorate their achievement.

I am a part of the Spanish Honors Society, headed by Mrs. Pasbrig (or as her students call her “Profe”, short for Profesora). So far, this year the society has made a trip to a Spanish art museum and dined at an authentic Spanish restaurant and bakery. Each student is required to tutor other Spanish students at the sessions held before or after school every Wednesday. Any Spanish student in need of extra practice or assistance is welcome!


Many students enjoy participating in a language class and the opportunities it offers. Not only does it benefit speaking and communication skills in general, but also opens up a whole new horizon of experience and learning.