Christmas DIY

Everyone needs some fun DIY Christmas decorations to spruce about the holiday times in their home! Here are a few crafts to do this season.

  1. Christmas tree mason jar

What you’ll need:

Small festive tree
Fake snow
Mason jar
Hot glue

Take the lid of the jar and sprinkle the fake snow. Then glue the bottom of the tree to the jar.

Carefully screw the jar onto the lid AFTER the glue has dried.


The finished product will make a cute decoration on any desk or mantle!


Be sure to clean up when you’re finished! The fake snow can tend to make a mess.


  1. Scrabble holiday message

What you’ll need:

Picture frame
Black paper
Holiday stickers

Decide what your message will say and find the letters.


Cut out a piece of black paper to fit the frame

Place your message on the frame, make sure it fits!

Glue the letters onto the construction paper and decorate the space with fun stickers!



  1. Peppermint bowl

What you’ll need:

Parchment paper
Oven (set to 350)
Pyrex bowl

First, arrange the peppermints into a hexagon similar to the shape pictured. Be sure to have minimal space between the mints,


Carefully place the cookie sheet in the oven and set a timer for about 8 minutes. This part is tricky, because you don’t want the peppermints to bubble at all. Once they appear shiny and have started to mold together, they’re done!

30 seconds after removing the peppermints from the oven, use the parchment paper to transport the mints onto the pyrex bowl and mold the shape into a bowl. We recommend using oven mitts because the mints will be hot. Press down on the bowl to ensure that it will harden in a nice shape!

Leave the mints on the pyrex bowl until they are cool enough to touch, but do not wait too long or the bowl will get stuck on the peppermints. Then, carefully remove the new peppermint bowl from its mold!

This is what happens when you are not careful on the removal and you wait until the candies are too hard! in this case, just hot glue the pieces back together. #pinterestfail


Then, if you wish, place whatever you like in your new bowl and display!