A freshman’s first day

Everyone has experienced a first day of something in in his or her life. Walking through the doors at Central for the first time was different for every student. For an East student, it might be good to have a fresh start. But for me, it was nerve-wracking. I had never been in such a big school before; so many thoughts kept going through my head, like, “Is 6 minutes enough time for me to get to class? Are the teachers going to be mad if I’m late? What if I have nobody to sit with at lunch? What if I have none of my friends in my classes?” The nerves built up inside of me as I tried to find my locker. Once I was done putting my books and folders in my locker, I didn’t know what to do. So, I sat in the AP room hoping I would find one of my friends. I was glad that I eventually found my friend who I knew from Martino.  We talked about how nervous we were and how crazy it was that we were actually in high school.

The bell rang and I walked to my first class, which was easy to find. First hour went by smoothly, considering we had a pep rally, which helped ease my nerves. Second hour came and I didn’t know how to get there from the field house. So I tried my best to get there on time and, surprisingly, I got there with time to spare. Third hour came, which was easy to find. I was really looking forward to the class, which was English. Third hour bell rang and my nerves came back. I had no clue where I was going. I walked around in circles for 5 minutes trying to find E wing. When I finally asked for help, the bell was about to ring. A teacher helped me find it pretty quickly, and it was no surprise that I would be late. Algebra really intimidated me, it’s my worst class. I was so nervous about getting bad grades because colleges are looking at everything now, even though I’m only a freshman. Algebra ended and now it was time to find my fifth hour class. I definitely knew 6 minutes wouldn’t be enough time to get to A wing. But, I did it with twenty seconds to spare. I was so relieved when fifth hour ended, because now it was time for lunch. It was also a bad thing because I couldn’t find my friends. I stood around for 10 minutes not knowing where to go.  So, I sat with three girls from East. They were really nice and they told me it was their first day, too, so it made me feel somewhat better. I only ate half a bag of goldfish when the bell rang. I put my tray back and went to advisory.  I read a book until the class ended, and then made my way back to E wing for Western Civ. I wanted the day to end, and there was less than an hour left. I felt a wave of relief when the final bell rang. I was happy that I made it through the day with only being late to one class.

I know high school is going to be tough, but I love it. I know I’m going to have the best four years.