Lincoln-Way Central/East transition

Angelina McNulty, Features Editor

The 2016-2017 school year started with some difficult changes for the Lincoln-Way school district. In order to stay within their financial means, the district was forced to close the North high school, and many students were moved to a different school than they had previously attended. The transitional process was expected by many to be challenging and proved controversial in the community, but the Lincoln Way students are handling the situation quite well. For the seniors who are spending their last year of high school wearing the colors of a new school, it has been more difficult to adjust, but everyone has been keeping an open mind and has been very appreciative of the welcoming atmosphere.  Students are welcomed and encouraged to wear the colors of their previous school on Friday spirit days.  The senior-shirts at Central, a yearly tradition, display both the East and Central logo. Certain school activities, such as the marching band, have become a combination of the entire district so that friends have the opportunity to stay together. Even at football games, former Central students who now attend West have been making efforts to attend both football games and spend time with their new peers as well as catching up with their old friends. All three remaining Lincoln-Way schools have amazing learning environments and are full of hard working students. While this does make it more challenging for students to change their allegiance in such a short period of time, the halls of Lincoln-Way Central are beginning to see more and more proud Knights who once considered themselves to be Griffins. Our resilient students have turned this undesirable situation into an opportunity to meet more people and expand their horizons. Students in Mrs. Davy’s AP English class say it best: “We love it here!”