LWC Junior Varsity Rhythm Knights

LWRK JV poses before a game

Lauren Vaculik

LWRK JV poses before a game

Alyssa Maves, Staff Writer

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“What’s life without a little dance?” is a motto that the Rhythm Knights of Lincoln-Way Central live by. The junior varsity Rhythm Knights are an all-girls team composed of freshman and sophomores. The rhythm knights are all about dance, (and rhythm of course!) and they can be found getting the crowd on their feet as they perform during halftime shows at Lincoln-Way Central home JV games. Halftime shows are certainly not all that goes on in the world of Rhythm Knights. The girls are currently perfecting their game routine and will soon start working on a competitive routine they will take to several performances this winter. The Rhythm Knights’ goal is to blow their audiences’ minds through dance! Throughout the season, the girls have not only worked on their dance skills, but they have also bonded as a team. JV Rhythm Knights member Kate Rogers says “Being a Rhythm Knight is being a part of something larger than me and using my skills and knowledge to make other people happy.  My favorite part of being a Rhythm Knight is the team atmosphere.” The special bond the girls share over dance is something that the entire team will cherish for years after their high school careers end. Even though many of the girls have prior dance experience, all the members come to practice with an open mind, hoping to improve their skills. “Although I have been dancing for several years, I love being on the team because it’s the perfect opportunity to improve my dance skills, and become better each time,” team member Molly Wojtczak commented. Molly even said that you can also work on making your own choreography being a part of the team! So whether it be learning a brand new move or enjoying quality time with the team, the Rhythm Knights all agree that being a part of the team is a wonderful thing. The amount of effort they put into their performances ensures the crowd sees their best work. Clearly, Knight pride lives in the hearts– and the dance moves–of the Lincoln Way Central JV Rhythm Knights!